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A cease fire without Hamas who was doing the firing? That is why Israel will not let the press into Gaza because they can blow and kill who and what ever they want to and lie about it and most everyone will beleave them.

This resolution just calls for mechanisms to be established to bring about the desired result of a durable cease-fire etc. I have heard just about enough lies from Israel they blow up a school set up by the UN as a bomb shelter and then they kill UN workers tring to get aide to wemen and children that just want to live in peace.The United Nations Security Council has just overwhelmingly passed an immediate ceasefire resolution in the Gaza conflict. were kinda lonely here on this page after all.the three of us......Fourteen of the council's 15 members voted in favor of the resolution, with U. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice abstaining from the vote on behalf of the United States. and its gonna be a long and darn freezin' night...again...eerrrrr... The radiation would probably kill as many people outside of Gaza as inside, perhaps more. Now Iran, the biggest sponsor of Islamic terrorism, is a different story.That left Ambassador Ron Dermer, who was spectating from the sidelines, throwing his hand up to his face - and the whole thing was caught on film.Trump's meeting had been going well up to that point, with the assembled dignitaries chuckling along to his jokes.

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